Hi Abbe,

And warmly welcome to us at Top of Heart!

It would be fun if you wanted to answer any questions about life, opportunities and the highest mountain in the world, so we’ll learn a little more about who you are and how you resonate in big and small.


Top of Heart: If you had one billion SEK on the bank you had to spend, but not yourself, what had you done?

Abbe: I would donate everything to a single organization instead of sitting and trying to figure out which ones ”deserve” a contribution.
My choice is simple: Cancer Fund. We must put an end to this disease.


Top of Heart: What is your ”Mount Everest”?

Abbe: That I ”only” can work or do things if I know basically that it will change or simplify for people around.


Top of Heart: What makes you light on ”all cylinders”?

Abbe: injustice in the world, especially when children are affected. They are one of the few things of everything happening in the world that I can not ignore.


Top of Heart: If you had to decide on everything living, is it something you had done differently?

Abbe: Have always wondered what our planet would look like if we had only female leaders in all countries of the world. Had been very exciting to compare.


Top of Heart: Why do you want to join Top of Heart?

Abbe: Based on personal experience of staff responsibility, this is a service that can really make a difference. A manager / leader always has a priority list. Unfortunately, ”relationships” between employees and even customers come very far down on this list. I want to be part of the beginning and change, simplify & create long-term relationships for our customers.


Top of Heart: When you’re in your last minute of life, what do you want the memory to play for you?

Abbe: I do not think I would choose to get anything played, I would rather ask my favorite clip to play so I can laugh at my last minute of life.


Thank you Abbe, for your honest and lovely answers!