Your existing customers are a gold mine when it comes to finding new customers. There is no one who sells your product or service as well as a really happy and satisfied customer. However, your customer often runs an own business that requires 100% focus. So how satisfied your customer is, your customer will never be the main focus to help you find new customers. However, you can influence the odds of being recommended if you are a Top of Mind.

Here are three steps to be the Top of Mind.

Help your customers succeed.

Identify one thing you can help your customer with. A recruitment, a new customer tip or perhaps an idea of ​​how they can further develop their product or service.
View estimation for references.

When you get tips on new customers, take the habit of always appreciating the contact, whether in the long run it will be business or not. Feedback to the customer about what is happening and, above all, if you succeed in doing business.
Estimate both the business and personal relationship.

All too often we take a professional distance to our customers. Some sellers have easier to be personal and even private. Others feel that it is not natural to talk about family relationships and other things that may be too private. It is important, however, that you as a customer get to know the person behind the sales role. If you do not get a complete picture of who you are, they will be difficult to create long-term confidence.


Good luck!

/ Team Top of Heart