The best sellers are few and rarely write any novels when it has to be added and recorded. Many talented sellers I’ve met over the years write short short words, almost never sentences, but sum up the dialogue and the next step in a good way. Examples such as,

”25000, Q4, Like golf, CEO & FC with in decision.” Writing this way is incredibly efficient and saves a lot of time.

Whether you work with sales or customer care, one of your major challenges is to build relationships that last for a long time. In order to have a reasonable chance of remembering your customers’ interests, we have created platforms. They have two important features.

Screenshot 2016-10-14 10.51.05

1, Tags help you to remember your contacts’ interests, but you might also see tags a bit like ”topics”. Topics that you have talked about and are important to your future relationship. If you have many contacts, it’s easy to mix, what and who you’ve talked to and when.

2, but now it’s going to be nice, with the help of taggana we will help you develop relevant gifts that you can draw your attention to. An example is if you have tagged the customer with ”Chocolate” then we can pick up good options for what you can give, but also when it can fit. Good, is not it?

Good luck and take a lot!

/ Team Top of Heart