PE Accounting has a strong growth trip in the coming years and has chosen Top of Heart as a partner to continuously work to strengthen and develop customer relations. As the large influx of customers is required to take care of the customers in a personal way. And the solution that PE Accounting now buys creates the necessary structure for how customers will be appreciated during growth.

/ Team Top of Heart

PS. It’s a little extra fun that PE Accounting chooses Top of Heart as a supplier. The company has been in the scenes since the start of the Top of Heart. DS.

Short information about PE Accounting
PE Accounting is a complete accounting firm that offers the best of financial management’s two extremes; The reliability of outsourcing and the control of in-house. We do this by being both the accounting and system supplier. In this way we can combine the flexibility of a person with the efficiency of a computer.

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(On the picture Olle Rydqvist CEO PE Accounting and Top of Hearts CEO Alexander Slotte)