One step in delivering as easy and available service as possible, we now offer our Executive and Corporate customers 24/7 support. Whether you’re at 10000 meters above the Atlantic and can get an email or if you can turn a signal from base camp on the way up to Mount Everest we’ll be close.

In addition to availability, service is about us to reduce any kind of ”friction” that can occur when, as a customer, we are in dialogue with us as a company, our goal is to make it as smooth as possible.

A clear example from a customer the other day when everything was not as smooth as you would like.

The customer wanted to order a flower in combination with a gift card. An apparently quite simple order but because these two suppliers do not interact with each other, then a problem arises. The only option that existed was either making two separate orders that would reach the recipient on two different occasions (hopefully during the same day, but probably two days) or asking the suppliers to send the goods to our customer, where our customer in turn Then would send them together. The first option becomes quite attractive to the recipient and the other option does not work optimally as it will cost an excessive amount of time for our customer.

In this case, we were helpful and directed this order so that it came in time and in combination with each other instead of two separate orders.

It is precisely this kind of simplification that is our driving force, and as a further step, we are now launching 24/7 support 365 days a year. You can call us at 08-518 325 00 and we will help you take care of your relationships.
Try, we will answer;)

/ Customer Success Team