”It Did not Start With You” was written by Mark Wolynn. In the book, Mark describes how we can bear inherited events from previous generations and how these affect our lives and relationships.

Traumatic events such as early separation from a mother or a violent act can affect a person deeply. In addition to stress, these events can cause fear and change a person’s behavior. If you are not vigilant and ”grab it” early without exaggerating the symptoms of such a trauma, the person may develop an unhealthy behavior pattern.

Research has shown that these behavioral patterns do not always stay with the person who experienced it, but through DNA, they can transfer the pattern to the next generation. That is, you can feel recurring feelings or show behaviors that are not the result of any particular event in your own life but in your parents. There are several recurring cases where people have experienced the terrible trauma of the Holocaust during World War II, but were not born even after the end of the second war.

It’s exciting research that we follow at Top of Heart to understand and immerse ourselves in how our lives and relationships are influenced by inner and outer factors and in this case innate. To read more about this, we recommend http://www.markwolynn.com/

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