It has never been so much focused on ”Customer Success” as now. People are employed in new positions, new roles and titles come out of the world like fungi. All companies calibrate their resources to understand customer travel and how products and services can be adapted accordingly. As a first step, it’s good that we open our eyes on how the customer really wants to be served and not vice versa, the question is whether it is enough?

If you sell a product or service that requires personal contact, ask the question; ”How do we create personal and long-term relationships?”

Here are three tips on how to start creating long-term & personal relationships.

Pick out a number of great and important customers, find out what dates these people fill in (Tips, Facebook, or similar social networks)
Decide how you can pay attention to your customer on his or her birthday. Imagine personally, it’s with a card, make sure it’s handwritten.
Be sure to remind yourself to do this recurring, preferably in a CRM system or calendar. (NOTE, leave the note a week before so you can buy a card, stamp and have time to write something from the heart. Everything else is perceived just flat and boring.)
Good luck

/ Alexander Slotte
& Team Top of Heart