I meet sellers who still think they are doing business using USPar and convincing arguments. There is a certain truth in both being able to present differences and then getting the customer to understand the difference, but again and again I see how to miss the most fundamental, ie selling on / on emotions.

I will explain.

Think of a person you met face to face. Probably you will think of a person you have an emotional bond to, positively or negatively charged. My point is that emotions give imprints and when you sell something that you know that the customer already knows, then your unique emotional band is the one that will probably differentiate you from your competitors.

One example is where feeling plays with our ”rational me”.

Why do so many sell their homes before viewing, even though we know that after one to two impressions there are most likely to be more speculators and thus greater chance at higher selling prices. In the brokerage industry, the feeling of ”missing” a potential dream home / sales is what drives action, and sometimes we make completely irrational decisions.

In common, all our business decisions are taken into account in the end. So a tip to think about at the next customer visit, how emotionally connected are you with your customer?

/ Team Top of Heart