Say that you will always remember when a coworker has worked for 1 or 5 years. It does not sound so difficult, but imagine 50 employees, where everyone has different employment times, it suddenly becomes much tougher.

But remembering a date is really simple, after all, you have a calendar. The big challenge comes when you buy the gift you want to pay attention to.

Then you have to think about it.

– When will it be purchased and how long will I need?
– Where will it be stored in the office?
– Who will enter the gift and handwrite the card?

In addition to remembering the purchase, do not forget the absolutely important thing, that you must do the same for everyone! In an organization, culture is the most important and employee who feels that others get benefits because of. That the boss is bad and does not pay attention to everyone fairly can have devastating consequences.
Here are three benefits of how we can help you!

We will give you suggestions for gifts.
We schedule your employees.
We make sure that the right gift to the right person comes at the right time.


Good luck!

/ Team Top of Heart