The CEO’s role has changed drastically over the years, from a product-oriented and ”point-of-the-hand” strategy, it has more shifted in focusing on reducing the vision in the feet and making the entire organization wander in the same direction. But to make everybody want to strive towards a common goal, no profitable wages will be enough and a 7-week semester will be enough. Next-generation careerists are not bumped in the same shape and want to give priority to family and health, before they succeed in climbing someone else’s ”ladder”.

Your job of bringing the organization wherever you want becomes just harder and harder, looking at the labor market as a whole, we change employers more often and it’s easy to jump between. In this pretty tough existence, there are quite simple ways to make sure your employees stay longer and work more efficiently.

It’s easier than you think there’s no gold clock or other incentives needed, but for the individual it’s important to be seen. Be seen who you are and what you contribute.

Here are two simple tips to do wonders for you & your organization

Make a plan of the dates that are important to encourage your employees, such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc.
Be sure to save all dates in your private calendar so you’ll never forget.
Good luck

/ Alexander Slotte
& Team Top of Heart