You will usually go through two phases of all new relationships. The first is the ”Like” phase to then build the ”confidence” phase in step two. Like the phase is a rather fast phase because we generally are good at determining whether we like the counterpart or not. As soon as the phase is over, we go directly into the confidence phase, where we analyze body language, logical context and answers to superficial and deep questions.

If the counterparty differs greatly from your values ​​and positions, it may be difficult to build a long-term relationship because you think so differently. However, it does not mean that you do not still like each other and continue with mutual respect, but you will probably not be in touch over a long period of time.

However, you will probably keep in touch with a person you initially like and share the same basic values ​​with. So keep in mind that all you meet goes through these two phases and let the relationship take time to build.

Whatever you want in life, it will be easier if you go with someone, but completely alone.

Good luck!

/ Team Top of Heart