At most workplaces today, it is digitizing. For some, it means new investments in systems, for other small adjustments in workflows. Digitization is nothing new, even though it is happening today for many more companies. The speed is due in part to the fact that many companies and services are perceived to be the same as the fact that the true competitiveness is to be faster is the colleagues in the industry.

But while running faster than your competitors, attract the right employees, they say. ”The talent”. There are incredible sums invested in finding the best. But what happens when the talents are in place and how do you keep the person’s glow and commitment over time?

The new currency is called ”Estimate”.

And no, the currency is probably not new to you as you use it already today to varying degrees. Unfortunately, I see many people in chiefly senior positions in organizations where it completely shines with their absence and is used too rarely. We live at a time when it’s possible to take shortcuts most and many prefer to implement feedback systems, incentive programs and other digital products in absurd rather than set aside 10 minutes and just give each other face to face without any specific agenda.

Do not get me wrong, many systems today complement our people in a superb way and I love what digitalization brings with me for opportunities. On the other hand, I also think we must realize that we humans did not change as quickly. Human contact and appreciation is something we need directly for our survival. To feel outside and alone has a direct toxic effect on us.

So to keep really good staff and lovely customers, here are two tips to take with you every day.

1. Give each other an appreciation for each other. If you do not get spontaneous, look for something you can appreciate with the other person, it’s the most selfless you can do and you will simultaneously raise the self-confidence and self-image of others.
2. Remember and remember something personally with who you meet, start with the name. Successfully keep it in memory, see if you can remember their hobby.
How do you manage your currency? Feel free to comment!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts!

/ Alexander Locks

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