Some time ago I met an old colleague and friend. We quickly got into our joint workplace where we got to know each other. We talked about old colleagues and where everybody had taken the path of life, like a real ”Facebook flow” firmly ”face to face”. After a while, I asked the question I longed for for the last 30 minutes.

– ”What is your strongest memory from your previous workplace?”

The answer came without further reflection or foundation.

– ”The day my boss had remembered that I was full of years but not only greeted me through social media like all previous executives did but really made every effort to find out what I like and write something fine about me as a person, That’s something I’ll never forget. ”

It sounded reasonable, so I kept asking for details about other things that had happened over the years at the same workplace, but no memory was as strong and detailed as just the manager’s personal commitment at that time.

We all know that we people make decisions, remember and take risks based on emotions. We also know that from a life perspective, when you know your time is limited on earth, those little things are becoming increasingly important. Like the smell of the ocean, the light from the morning sun or how you were treated by fellow men around you.

But in some way, we seem to miss these little things in everyday life, like all the managers in the past who did not pay attention to my old colleague. It simply was not a priority, or he was not a priority, or at least it was so he felt.


How do you look forward to being remembered?